"[The Love & Loss Project] will contribute to a broader cultural dialogue about aging, end-of-life issues, and the mourning process itself.”

-The Love & Loss Project, Ventura County Star

"Claytie is a creative and empathic thinker through art.” 

-Marcia Sells, Dean of Arts Outreach, Columbia University

"In the hands of writer-director Claytie Mason and her crew, the drama is as concentrated, melodic and hauntingly elusive as the traditional Irish ballad on which it's based.”

-The Wind & Rain, SF Examiner

"Serious subject matter generously sprinkled with heart and humor.”

-Cussing at the Moon, The Seattle Examiner

Claytie Mason is an award-winning documentarian who uses her writing, direction, theatre, and filmmaking to create and reveal community. In addition to her work as a writer-director in the theatre and on screen, Claytie facilitates events and performances that openly talk about death and dying throughout the United States. Claytie is co-founder of the ensemble-based theatre company, Nebunele. She earned her MFA in playwriting from Columbia University with a concentration in Narrative Medicine. 

“Almost heartbreaking in it’s sympathetic and curiously affirmative humanity."

-The Secret Ruths of Island House, The SF Gate

“Slyly rewriting the book on documentary theatre."

-The Secret Ruths of Island House, NYTheatre.com

“An engrossing exercise in theatrical simplicity."

-The Wind and Rain, San Francisco Gate