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The Love and Loss Project

Premiered at The Piers-Brandt Theatre, CA. Sponsored by The City of Thousand Oaks, CLU, & L.I.F.E.. Interview-based collaboration between Hospice of the Conejo, Nebunele Theatre, and Sound Impact.

Based on interviews with members of a hospice support group for widows and widowers, this performance project was much a celebration of life and love as it was a meditation on grief and what loss has to teach us.

The Ventura County Star

“The stories she heard in the hospice support group led to her writing a play, ‘The Love and Loss Project,’ based on four individuals, three of whom were married for 50 years or more and lost their life partners.“ 


The Acorn

“…the play will contribute to a broader cultural dialogue about aging, end-of-life issues and the mourning process itself.” 

“To say that Claytie wrote a play about love or grief is far too simple. She created a safe space for every audience member to process their own grief—however that is manifest"

-The Love & Loss Project, Facebook Review

“I've never felt this overwhelmed with emotion while watching a performance, movie, or play before."

-The Love & Loss Project, Facebook Review

“I want people to understand the depth and magnitude of power this play had on me... I hope and pray this project lives on for a long time, it is such a gift."

-The Love & Loss Project, Facebook Review

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