“Surely our heart travels not only from the ghostly to the holy, but it makes a circle. And we only know the half of it.” -Rilke

Theatre and Narrative Medicine

Having spent so much time with stories we tell about the end of life, I believe that talking about death and dying is immensely important to our understanding of life and living. Loss reminds us that our time here is temporary—this alone puts life into quick perspective. But there is so much more to be gained by listening to people's stories about love and loss, and sharing our own.


In creating these performances, my hope is to share with others the humanizing insight and profound connection I experience every time I ask someone what they know about death.  

The Big White Door was first performed at sunset in the tower of Riverside Church, NYC. It is part of a series of intimate, interview-based community projects I am currently working on that explore loss and the end of life.