Talking About Loss

Workshops designed to inspire self-reflection, human connection, and honest conversations about love, loss, and life. You know, the big stuff. 

Why It Matters

In my conversations about loss, I’ve found that while many of us don’t talk about it very much, once we get going we have a lot to learn from one another.


The insights and struggles of someone who has just lost a parent are often very helpful to someone who has just ended a relationship, changed jobs, or moved to another city. 

Claytie Mason

Director & Facilliator


Interviewing David Arben,

Concert violinist and holocaust survivor

Loss is Everywhere

We lose things all the time—people, relationships, pets, jobs, homes, chapters in our lives. Change is constant, which means loss is too. 

Most everyone around us is going through some kind of loss, big or small, right now.

Sharing Our Story



Yes, these conversations can be personal. 

Sometimes, a friend, colleague or even a stranger unexpectedly opens up about a loss in their life. 


What happens then?


Most of the time, a story is shared in return, a connection is made, and a friendship grows deeper.


Making it uncomfortable, taboo, or off-limits to talk about loss (and other big stuff) means we also lose access to the lessons, insights, and connections that reveal themselves in sharing our experience.

The Love & Loss Project

Interview-based play about the loss of a life partner

The Big White Door

Interview-based project about children and families dealing with terminal illness

The Workshops

With these workshops, my goal is to provide an open framework to talk about loss, big or small, and to inspire these conversations to happen more often in the future.

We explore things like: 

  • Identifying common ground

  • Learning how to hold space for meaningful conversations 

  • Strengthening listening skills

  • Engaging in honest and present curiosity

  • Becoming aware of personal narratives

  • Finding strength in vulnerability

  • Developing empathy

  • Collaborating and forming relationships from a genuine, generous space

The Practicals

Each workshop is tailored to a specific community.


Whether centered around a collective loss, a community that deals with loss on a regular basis (caregivers, nursing homes, hospitals), or simply as a way of connecting more deeply, each workshop values open, honest connection. 

A basic workshop can be anywhere from 2 - 5 hours. Cost varies depending on length, travel, prep-time, and the number of people involved.

I offer longer-term community-building projects about loss that can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a year. These projects are often funded by grants or donations through my 501(c)3 non-profit company. 


If you would like to hold a workshop of any length:


  1. Send an email with your contact info and a little bit about your community or workplace. 

  2. Schedule a meeting in person or over the phone to discuss the specific needs of your community and any thoughts, ideas, or concerns.

  3. Bring out the calendars and mark the day.


If you would like to attend a workshop or gathering that is already happening, you can find that information here.

The Big White Door

Interview-based project about children

and families dealing with terminal illness

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